Ex Governor, Madhya Pradesh
Shri Lal Ji Tandon
(July 29, 2019 - July 21, 2020)



Shri Lal Ji Tandon

Father's Name

Shri Shivnarayan Tandon

Mother's Name

Smt. Annpurna Devi

Date of Birth

12th April 1935

Birth Place

Vill. Chowk, Distt. Lucknow ( Uttar Pradesh)

Maritial Status


Date of Marriage

26 th Feb. 1958

Spouse Name

Smt. Krishna Tandon

No. of Children

Sons: 3



Special Interests

Cattle rearing

Countries Visited

Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Social and Cultural Activities

Established number of educational, Social and cultural institutions in Avadh



           Position Held

·                  1978-84 and 1990-96

Member, Uttar Pradesh State Legislative Council (two terms)

·                  1991-92

Cabinet Minister, Department of Power, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

·                  1996-2009

Member, Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly (Three Times)

·                  1997-99

Cabinet Minister, Urban Development and Water Supply, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

·                  1997-2002

Leader of House, Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council

·                  1999-2000 and 2000-02

Cabinet Minister, Urban Development and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh (two times)

·                  2002-03

Cabinet Minister, Housing, Finance, Urban Development and Tourism, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

·                  2003-07

Leader of Opposition, Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly

·                  2009

Elected to 15th Lok Sabha (From Lucknow Lok Sabha Constituency)

·                  from 6 Aug. 2009

Member, Committee on Estimates

·                  from 31 Aug. 2009

Member, Committee on Railways

·                  from 23.08.2018 to 28.07.2019

H.E. the Governor of Bihar